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Study Spotlight

We are currently inviting children ages 4-12 to participate in research in-person and online. For more information, click on the "For Parents" tab above or to sign up your child, click here. 
We are currently providing $5 Amazon gift cards for participation in our Online studies!
Study Spotlight

The KID lab is open for in-person studies! We thank all the local families, schools, and the Kentucky Science Center for supporting our research. We appreciate your support as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and take precautions.
Graduate Student Spotlight
  • Megan Norris successfully defended her dissertation on April 14, 2023! Congratulations Dr. Norris!
  • Khushboo Patel and Lauren Girouard-Hallam are going to present their work at the Midwestern Psychological Association in April 2023.
  • Megan Norris and Khushboo Patel have been selected to receive the Graduate Dean's Citation Award for 2023! Congratulations to Megan and Khushboo!
Undergraduate Research Intern Spotlight
  • Undergraduate Research Interns, Lou Holm, Brianna Walker, Anabel Puri, and Shelby Kneriem have been selected to present posters at the Undergraduate Arts and Research Showcase at the University of Louisville taking place on 21 April 2023!
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